Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
(Albi, 1864-1901, Ch. de Malromé, Gironde)
Georges-Henri Manuel in the Studio, 1891
Gouache on cardboard, 88 x 51 cm
Signed, inscribed & dated lower right: à G. H. Manuel HTLautrec 91
Dortu P. 377
The portrait of the writer Georges-Henri Manuel in 1891 reveals a great transformation in Lautrec’s style. Purely painterly composition is abandoned in favour of a graphic design done in black and brown with the crayon, enlivened by turquoise-green and carmine-red. The lithographer Lautrec is announcing himself; this is obvious, too, in the characterization, which verges on caricature. There was something frightening and grotesque about these tall slender gentlemen for the dwarfish Lautrec – his subjects’ great height being still more emphasized by the top hat. The influence of the admired Degas is obvious. The subject gives the effect of a brother of Count Lepic in the "Place de la Concorde" and of Mary Cassatt leaning on her umbrella in the famous etching "Au Louvre".