Raoul Dufy
(Le Havre, 1877-1953, Forcalquier)
Arcades at Vallauris, 1927
Oil on canvas, 73 x 92 cm
Signed bottom, right of center: Raoul Dufy
Laffaille 483
Dufy playfully moved out of the domain of painting in the strict sense. He painted china, designed wallpaper and tapestries and desgned fabrics, created decorations and worked for the theatre. Something of this playful approach to creation is present in the "Arcades at Vallauris", which is like a painted scene in the theatre. This architecture is not meant to last: it is, rather, something from the theatre property room; it is light in spirit like a water-colour, everything is merely hinted at, the stucco marble of the pillars with its varicoloured dots and the bright tiled floor. Through the arcades with their pink arches there is a view on a park, a coastline and the aquamarine-tinted Mediterranean Sea. The artist, now fifty, is a consummate master of all his paints and brushes. Zervos repdruced this picture, still without its signature, in 1927, and in a "Studio of the Painter" of 1928 we see our composition hanging on the wall.