Jean-Baptiste Greuze (?)
(Tournus, 1725-1805, Paris)
Portrait of the Painter Laurent Pécheux
Oil on canvas, 73 x 60 cm

Whilst the identification of the sitter as Laurent Pécheux (1729-1821), later to become a court painter in Turin, is still generally accepted, the painting's former attribution to Jean-Baptiste Greuze is no longer considered valid. Recently (2003), Steffi Roettgen, Munich, has suggested Domenico Corvi (1721-1803) as the author of the portrait in the Bührle Collection. Corvi was active in Rome when Pécheux was staying in the city in 1756/57; they both shared an appartment, in which also the Scottish painter David Allan (1744-1796) lived. A comparison of the portrait which Corvi painted of Allan and which is now kept in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh helps to strongly substantiate the proposed attribution - all the more so in view of the fact that the Bührle picture's background has been largely overpainted, leaving only the figure of the sitter to represent the painting's original condition.