2018 – The Bührle Collection in Japan
Kyushu National Museum
From February to September 2018, in association with Tokyo Shimbun, the Bührle Foundation will be exhibiting the 60 foremost pictures from the collection in three Japanese museums: the National Art Center in Tokyo, the Kyushu National Museum in the west of the country, and the Nagoya City Art Museum. Japan has a tradition of intensive engagement with French Impressionist painting dating back almost 100 years; the first major collections of works from this school were established by Japanese industrialists as far back as the 1920s. Some pictures from the Bührle Collection, most notably Renoir’s Little Irene, enjoy veritable cult status in Japan, and there is no doubt that museum visitors in the country will recognise and appreciate the quality of the works on display. Tokyo Shimbun forms part of a media corporation based in Nagoya and publishes a newspaper that first appeared in 1884. Newspaper publishers routinely act as producers of major exhibitions in Japan, and the Bührle Foundation very much looks forward to working with Tokyo Shimbun.